Timekeeping Services for Businesses

At Payroll Vault Pleasanton, we understand the importance of reducing risk and minimizing labor costs for businesses. That's why we offer a customizable timekeeping solution that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. By identifying the most efficient and innovative workforce management system for your business, we can help you boost productivity, reduce time theft, and automate time and attendance processes. Our cloud-based timekeeping solution provides flexibility in how you track time, ensuring ease and accuracy in the process. With our expert guidance and cutting-edge technology, you can optimize your timekeeping processes and minimize labor costs for your business.


The Payroll Vault Value

  • Compliance assurance
  • Enjoy a digital and efficient payroll process
  • Control and reduce labor costs
  • Relieve manual time card preparation
  • Remove human calculation errors

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Reduce Risk and Automate


Many businesses are automating their timekeeping solutions to proactively solve concerns surrounding wasted or stolen labor time or process efficiency. Payroll Vault’s online time and attendance solution offers the familiarity of a conventional time clock for simple and quick data collection.

The highly intuitive system is easily setup, makes data editing is simple, and eases the timekeeping process.

  • Control and reduce labor costs
  • Eliminate human calculation errors and manual timecard preparation
  • Stay compliant
  • Enjoy a convenient digital payroll process
timekeeping work from anywhere

Small businesses commonly have unique needs. Understanding your timekeeping options will boost productivity, reduce time theft, and automate your time and attendance processes.

  • Web – employees can punch in and out via a web portal using any device
  • Standard – choose from traditional PIN- or swipe-based, biometric, or punch time clocks
  • GPS – a high-end system for field-based employees that allows them to punch in and out based on geographic location
  • Voice Punch – eliminates manual timecards and standard clocks and allows employees to call in and enter their user ID to punch in and out

Compliance has never been easier! Your time tracking records are accurate and allow you to set rules that ensure your workforce remains compliant with leave and paid time off, overtime, breaks, and other regulations set forth by individual states, local municipalities, and by Federal Law. When your timekeeping and attendance is in order, your payroll will follow.