Payroll Services for Dentists

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Running a dental practice involves expertise in the dental field and in the business world in order to be successful. While it’s important to focus on providing great service to your patients, you must also ensure your practice is profitable, compliant with regulations, marketed correctly and runs well from a business standpoint.

Many dentists are great professionals and can provide a valuable service to people in their communities, but sometimes practices don’t succeed or aren’t as profitable as they could be because running the business of the practice takes up time and resources which could be allocated elsewhere.

If you can relate to this in your practice, you could benefit from outsourcing your payroll operations and other business administrative tasks to a third party. Our company has helped countless businesses in the Bay Area and across the nation achieve their goals, and our services are a great fit for dental professionals who want to focus on their practice.


What are payroll services?

A payroll services company takes on the burden of payroll calculations, paying employees in a convenient way and on time, ensuring legal and tax compliance, payroll reporting and more. These tasks are essential for any business, but they don’t advance the mission of the company or increase profitability directly, so outsourcing makes sense for many companies.


How does a payroll provider help a small business?

Staying current on local, state and federal taxes, performing accurate payroll calculations, handling business and personal tax administration, reporting on payroll and all related tasks are time consuming, tedious and if they’re done incorrectly, it can have a negative impact on the company. By outsourcing payroll, you gain peace of mind knowing experts have these important tasks under control, and you can focus on building your business and providing great care for your patients.


Why should dentists use a payroll provider?

Dental practices are typically classic examples of small businesses, and small businesses often benefit most from choosing to outsource payroll. The alternative would be to assign payroll to someone in your office or hire someone to do only payroll processing internally. This can be more costly than outsourcing in many instances, and processing payroll internally opens your company up to errors and/or fraud. In many cases, dental practices save time and money by outsourcing, plus they gain a team of experts to ensure payroll perfection.


How do I get started with payroll services?

Our team of experts is ready to help you regain control of your business today. We make the onboarding process simple for brand new businesses or companies who are looking to move their services to our company. In addition to payroll, we also offer human resources assistance and partner with other companies who can take care of many administrative tasks for your practice. If you want to learn more about our services, give us a call today and we will discuss how we can help your business thrive.