Payroll Services for Construction Companies

Serving the greater East Bay Area including Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, CA

Construction companies face unique challenges depending on their size, location and specialization in the building market. In recent years, changes in interest rates, building materials, regulations and more have caused construction companies to have to be sharper than ever in order to produce a great product and stay ahead of the competition.

Since construction companies have to keep track of many variables and their profession is unpredictable, it’s vital for them to correctly allocate their time and resources to activities which move them toward their goals. One way they can stay on task is to outsource administrative tasks such as payroll, giving them the ability to focus on what is important.

Our company is proud to be based in the East Bay Area and we provide payroll services for companies of all sizes and industries. In the sections to follow, we will answer a few FAQs about our service and speak specifically about how it can benefit companies in the construction industry.


What are payroll services?

A payroll services provider can take on the responsibility of correctly calculating each employee’s paycheck, ensuring withholdings are correctly taken out, filing the right tax information, and paying company taxes regularly and staying on top of all local, state and federal payroll laws to ensure compliance for your company. A payroll services company like ours has a team of experienced staff members along with the right software to seamlessly take on these tasks for your company and remove the burden of payroll processing from your team.


How does a payroll provider help a small business?

Rather than hiring someone to perform payroll processing in house, outsourcing allows your team to stay lean and focused on moving the company forward. Payroll processing is a tedious and time consuming job, and outsourcing not only allows you to remove this task from your workload, it provides tangible benefits for your business.


Why should construction companies use a payroll provider?

Construction companies must keep up with bidding, regulations, codes and much more, so outsourcing payroll allows them to focus on the trade-specific tasks in their industry. A payroll provider also can partner with timekeeping services, which can allow your people to clock in from the jobsite and ensure hours are not missed. In addition, construction companies can enjoy benefits like tax compliance, limiting payroll fraud opportunities and even saving money on processing.


How do I get started with payroll services?

Our team is passionate about helping businesses reach their goals by providing assistance in the payroll department, and we make the onboarding process easy for new clients. We start by creating a customized and flexible plan to meet their unique needs and can even provide information about complimentary services like human resources, workers’ comp, timekeeping services and much more.

If you think payroll processing assistance can help your construction company in the East Bay Area, including the cities of Livermore, San Ramon, Pleasanton or Dublin, give us a call today to learn more about our services.