Payroll Services for Attorneys

Serving the greater East Bay Area including Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, CA

Professionals of every industry have realized the benefits partnering with a payroll services company can offer. While each type of business can enjoy unique perks by outsourcing payroll, attorneys and legal firms can experience great benefits when they trust experienced pros with their payroll needs.

As a leading payroll services provider, our Bay Area team of experts has the know-how to take on your firm’s payroll needs and be a true partner in your success. In the sections to follow, we will answer a few of the most common questions we receive from potential clients, and speak specifically to our services for attorneys.


What are payroll services?

On the surface, you might assume payroll just involves the calculation and distribution of employee paychecks. While this is certainly part of the process, payroll services encompass everything relating to payroll, including taxes, reporting, and more. A payroll services provider is your go-to partner for your payroll operation. Many businesses, including attorneys, choose to outsource their payroll operations because it ensures this important task is administered correctly.


How does a payroll provider help a small business?

Since you now know what a payroll services provider does, you might have a better idea of how they can help. For businesses of all types, outsourcing payroll allows them to focus solely on building their business instead of wasting their time on payroll. In addition, when you outsource payroll it is handled by true experts in the field. This means your firm will enjoy tax compliance, correct paycheck amounts, and high-level support any time you need it.


Why should attorneys use a payroll provider?

While there are many ways payroll services benefit different businesses as discussed above, the biggest perk to attorneys specifically is the ability to focus on their clients directly. Because you and your team won’t have to worry about payroll, you can allocate your time and resources to your cases. Any attorney understands how valuable time is, and by partnering with a payroll professional you can add more time to your schedule because you won’t have to worry about this important but tedious task.


How do I get started with payroll services?

If you think payroll could help your firm, we make it easy to get started. We understand no two businesses are alike, so we aim to offer specialized service. The first step is for us to have a meeting to gain a better understanding of your practices and then we can create a plan to most effectively manage your payroll. It’s our goal for you to feel comfortable with us, so we also will answer all questions and concerns you might have in this initial consultation.


If you own or manage a legal firm in the East Bay Area, including the cities of Livermore, San Ramon, Pleasanton or Dublin, we are confident we can take on your payroll operation and add value to your business. Please contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your firm thrive.