Payroll Reporting for East Bay Area Businesses

Serving the East Bay Area: Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, CA

Accurate reporting of payroll is essential for tax purposes, and also helps companies get a better understanding of their workforce costs.

If you are currently doing payroll in-house, we can help optimize your payroll reporting and save you time, effort and money. Our company is based right here in the Bay Area, and we’re proud to work with many businesses in the area to help with their payroll and related tasks.

In this article we’ll answer a few FAQs about the payroll reporting process and hopefully give you a better understanding of reporting and how our system can help.


What is payroll reporting?

Payroll reporting is the process of compiling data such as hours worked, overtime due, tax withholdings and many other data points surrounding employee pay and presenting this data in a useful way to the company and to agencies like the IRS. Because there are so many different ways this data can be used, specialized software produces the best results and can go far beyond what a simple spreadsheet can provide. Aside from creating useful tools for forecasting and understanding company payroll, a payroll reporting service also compiles data for essential quarterly and annual tax submissions.


What kind of payroll reporting do you offer?

Our payroll reporting process can be tailor made to fit your business needs and align with your overall goals. We cover the necessary reports like annual and quarterly filings with the IRS and state and local revenue services, and we can also include custom reports with in-depth software which will highlight the most important parts of your payroll operation. Our system also takes care of all the documentation for employees, like their tax forms and their individual pay statements.


How often will I receive payroll reports?

Payroll reporting is an ongoing process, so you can receive reports as frequently, or infrequently, as you would like. Using our convenient online system, you can pull your own reports or we can have a report scheduled to be sent to you on given intervals so you can have a constant grasp of where your payroll stands.