Accessible & Accurate Payroll Data for Contractors

Payroll Assistance Available for Construction


Construction company owners and leaders must be skilled in a number of areas, and also have the organization skills to stay on top of many moving parts of a project all at the same time. Because construction is such a fast paced industry, it’s important to partner with the right companies to help your business succeed.


Our team has been fortunate enough to work with construction companies of all sizes, both in our local market in the Bay Area and across the nation as well. We employ a team of experienced payroll pros and use the latest technology to handle your payroll needs effectively.


While we offer a full service payroll experience, an important part of the service we provide is payroll reporting. In the sections to follow, we will discuss a few key benefits of our payroll reporting process and detail the perks they can offer to construction companies.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Our payroll reporting contains a wealth of information which can unlock key insights into your business. Since we handle so much data as your payroll provider, it only makes sense to make this information available to you so you can use it to help with strategic planning and evaluation of your operation. We have many reports which are available for any of our clients via their payroll dashboard, and we can even build custom reports with the most important information for your needs. For construction companies, this helps you manage your payroll expenses and make better decisions for future projects based on past payroll expenditures.

Identify Top Performers

Our reporting contains information on hours worked, bonuses earned, amount paid and can be used to calculate the return on investment a given employee provides for the company. In the construction industry, this can help you find employees who are working efficiently and allow you to help them grow professionally. By using payroll data to help determine which of your employees are working at a high level, you remove any biases and can be sure you are promoting based on merit and the value a person brings to your bottom line.

Correctly Report to Governmental Agencies

So far, we have discussed how payroll reporting can help you from an internal perspective, but its external impact is just as important. The IRS, state and local agencies require you to report on the people you hire, the revenue you bring in and several other factors depending on your jurisdiction. Compiling this data, sending it on time and avoiding fines can be difficult to perform on your own, but when you partner with a payroll agency it becomes much easier. We take care of all your reporting needs and can ensure you always remain in compliance, meaning you can focus this time and energy on your business and rest easy knowing you won’t have any trouble when tax time comes around.


Reporting is just part of our payroll service, and if you want to learn more about how we can help your company thrive then please visit our website or give us a call today.