Start-up companies are often energetic and exciting places to work. The entrepreneurial spirit, quest for innovation and the newness of the project for team members often help start-ups break through and make a big impact on their industry.


Just because you work at a start-up doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the conveniences of a larger company as well. By partnering with a payroll services company, start-ups can provide their employees with benefits and conveniences which are on par with what large, established companies offer.


Our company has helped many start-ups get off the ground right here in our backyard in the Bay Area and across the nation as well. It’s our goal to remove the stress and time which is devoted to administrative tasks from the business so they can focus on their mission and moving their company forward.


If you run a start-up, you will likely be competing with larger, more established companies for top talent. There are many perks which accompany working with a start-up, and if you can also offer the conveniences and benefits of a large company along with the energy of a start-up, you will have the best chance at hiring and retaining great people.


We help start-ups by taking on their payroll operations and other key administrative tasks so they don’t have to add these to their daily to-do lists or hire a person just to do administrative work. This way, they can stay lean and still get the expertise of trusted professionals to handle these tasks.


There are many benefits to using a payroll service provider, but one of the great ones for start-ups is easy and accurate payment of employees. If you are hiring someone from a large company, chances are they are used to getting paid via direct deposit, and when you partner with a payroll services company this can continue when they take a job with your business.


Direct deposit can be difficult to set up on your own, but we have the process down to a science and our team has been helping people get paid for years. When you work with us and hire a new employee, we simply have them complete one quick, online form to get signed up for direct deposit and then they’re all set to get paid directly.


Using direct deposit takes out the chance of an employee’s check getting lost in the mail and eliminates the stress of them having to get to the bank before it closes to make the deposit before the weekend.


This is obviously convenient for the employee, but it benefits the business as well. For one, no more printing and mailing checks. Also, by allowing us to process and deposit payments, there is a much lower chance for any errors to occur. If there is an issue with direct deposit, we can take care of it quickly and ensure your people are paid, keeping morale and trust with your team at a high level.


To learn more about direct deposit and our payroll services as a whole, give us a call today!