Engineering firms often deal with complex issues for their clients which call for focus, precision and skill to ensure success. Engineers are typically well-educated and experienced in helping members of their community plan for and execute large projects, and in order to run a successful engineering firm, one must allow their team members to focus on the important aspects of the job and give them the resources they need to succeed.


While engineers are used to dealing with regulations regarding zoning, building codes and more, they shouldn’t be tasked with the day-to-day tasks of running the firm itself, and as the owner of the firm, you should be helping them succeed rather than allocating resources toward administrative tasks such as processing payroll.


Our company has worked with businesses of all types of industries in the Bay Area and across the nation. We employ a team of payroll experts and it’s our goal to take care of the administrative tasks in an office so you can focus on moving your business forward. In addition to payroll services, we offer assistance in human resources and time and attendance management, and we also partner with companies which provide other key services to create a complete plan to professionally take care of your company’s administrative work.


Below, you will find a few key benefits to bringing in a payroll provider to help with your needs. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it can help you understand what we can bring to the table as your payroll provider

Accurate Payroll Processing

Processing a paycheck is more complex than it might seem, and any business owner who has had to take on payroll in-house can tell you it’s a tedious job. Your company can use our years of expertise and software solutions to accurately process each employee’s check and calculating the required withholdings. In addition, we create detailed payroll reports which can help you better understand your workforce and your payroll needs.

Legal and Fraud Protection

When a company performs payroll services in-house, they open themselves up to potential issues. If payroll is calculated incorrectly, there is a potential for decreased employee morale and/or serious tax implications. In addition, companies who have a payroll person on staff are susceptible to payroll fraud. You might think fraud is unlikely in your company, but it is prevalent in today’s workforce and taking steps to eliminate the chance of fraud is a wise business decision.

Tax Experts in Your Corner

As stated before, there are serious implications if payroll taxes are not drawn out correctly and paid to the appropriate revenue services. Our team has a vast amount of tax experience, and we stay current on the ever-changing tax landscape of local, state and federal tax laws to ensure compliance for all clients. In the event your company is ever audited, we’re on your side and can help the process go smoothly.


Want to learn more or start with payroll services for your company? Our team is ready to help, give us a call today!