Local Experts Help with Construction Payroll Needs

Save Time and Ensure Compliance with Expert Help


Organization and efficiency are key aspects of running a successful construction company. Since construction company owners and executives often have to keep track of large teams, multiple projects, and ever-changing building codes and laws, anything which can help them stay focused is usually welcome. This is why outsourcing payroll makes sense for almost any construction company.


As a leader in the payroll services space, our company works with construction companies and businesses of all industries both in the Bay Area and across the nation. We have the right skills, experience, and software to take on your entire payroll operation, and we aim to be a true partner for our clients.


In the sections to follow, we will discuss a few key perks and aspects of our service, and speak specifically to how we can help companies in the construction space. Hopefully this sheds some light on why we’re the perfect partner for your payroll needs.

Great Employee Perk

The first thing you likely think of when you hear the word “payroll” is likely actual paychecks. While calculation of paychecks and distribution to employees is a small part of the entire payroll picture, it is the most important part to your team members. When you partner with a payroll services company, your people will get paid the correct amount, on time, every pay period. They also gain access to tax documents, pay stubs, and more. This seemingly simple consistency is a great perk for your people to rely on, and it can help boost morale.

Ease Your Administrative Burden

While many people think payroll is simply calculating and cutting checks, any business owner will tell you this is just the tip of the iceberg. Full on payroll operation is a tedious, complex, and time consuming task, and it can eat up valuable resources for your company. When you outsource, you’re not only guaranteed positive results, you also get back all the time you lost by processing payroll in house. This allows your team to stay lean and focused on reaching your goals.

Ensure Tax Compliance

Tax laws often differ at the local, state, and federal levels, and a mistake on your payroll taxes can cause legal action or fines by the revenue service. Luckily, our team is composed of tax experts, and we have software which helps us correctly report, pay, and account for taxes at every step of your payroll process. We will remove the right taxes from each check, report to the necessary agencies, and even process payments on your behalf to ensure all taxes are paid correctly and on time.

Add-In Helpful Integrations

Construction companies can benefit from payroll services, and they also can enjoy software integrations which complement our offerings. Perhaps the best integration for construction companies is a time and attendance solution. Modern time and attendance software allows people to clock in at the job site using biometrics and GPS, saving you time and effort. This is just one example of the many customizations you can add to your service.


We would love the chance to help your company perform at a higher level. To learn more about our services, give us a call or check us out online today.