As a general contractor, you understand the importance of limiting liability, staying on top of local, federal, and state laws and providing a high level of focus and service to your clients.


These same principles are ones we hold in high regard as a local payroll services company, and we have helped countless businesses in the East Bay Area by providing professional payroll services and other business administration assistance for many years.


We work with several general contractors, both here locally and across the nation, and there are many benefits to using our services. In the sections to follow, we will discuss a few of these benefits and hopefully give you a better idea of how we can help your company operate at its highest level.

Ensure Payroll Tax Compliance

Just like building codes, local regulations and zoning ordinances, payroll tax law is nuanced and can change unexpectedly. Since this is the case, it takes a dedicated team to stay on top of the legal and tax side of payroll, and if a company isn’t careful, they can end up in trouble with the IRS if their payroll tax information is incorrect. Our team of payroll pros stays current on payroll tax updates and makes compliance easy. We withhold, report, and pay to the IRS, so you never have to worry about a tax issue related to payroll. While your competitors might stress about these potential problems, you can rest assured knowing we have a team of experts working to perfect your payroll.

Limit the Chance of Payroll Fraud

While it’s easy to think “that will never happen to me,” payroll fraud occurs in businesses of all industries, sizes and structures, and the window of opportunity for fraud is much greater when it’s done in house. When you outsource your payroll operations, you eliminate the chance for bribery or collusion between employees and as an owner it’s a form of risk management in more ways than one. Since we handle payroll off-site, our team of impartial professionals ensures all paychecks are calculated correctly and there is no chance for favoritism or fraud.

Focus on Your Business

The simple truth is payroll is a tedious, time consuming and difficult process, especially for someone who has little experience processing payroll or is trying to do another job in addition to payroll. When you choose to partner with us, the time, and resources you put into payroll can be applied to your operation and your profits and clients can benefit from your full focus on the company. For many of our clients, they report an increase in revenue which is much greater than the expense to outsource.


If you think outsourcing your payroll operation could help your company perform at a higher level, we’re here to help. We are local to the East Bay Area, and we would love to become your payroll partner and help you reach your professional goals. To learn more or have us detail a plan which can fill your company’s unique payroll needs, give us a call today.