Handle Time and Attendance Tracking with Ease

Local Experts Detail How Timekeeping Services Work


If your business is still using time cards, having people clock in by signing their names or using another manual form of tracking employee’s time and attendance on the job, you are opening yourself up to errors, fraud and wasting valuable time.


Manual timekeeping might seem like the natural thing to do for a small business, and it might be sustainable for a short time, but in almost any instance, there is merit in using a professional timekeeping service.


Our company provides payroll services and we’re based right here in the East Bay Area. Since we process payroll for so many companies, we see the benefits a timekeeping service can offer for businesses of all sizes. In the sections to follow, we will discuss how timekeeping services work and how they can benefit your business.

Timekeeping Services Maximize Convenience

Without a timekeeping service, your employees likely must report to the office, manually clock in, and then report back for lunch, clock outs, etc. This is highly inconvenient for them. In addition, as the employer you then have to calculate the time they were at work, which can be tedious and it’s very likely you can make a mistake, which can throw you out of compliance with payroll laws and/or lead to upset employees if they are underpaid. A timekeeping service automates this entire process and ensures all calculations are correct.

Services for Many Types of Businesses

Time and attendance software has come a long way in recent years, and it’s easier now more than ever to obtain a service which is customized to your business needs and works well. Timekeeping services allow for people to clock in differently depending on how your business operates. If everyone works at a central location, they can clock in and out online using your office’s IP address. If your people work away from the office or at home, they can clock in using GPS coordinates and biometric information. Many services allow employees to call a designated number and clock in using their unique code. By customizing the service to meet your needs, you can make your employee’s lives easier and increase their efficiency.

Payroll Service Integration

Many reputable timekeeping services offer full integration with payroll software, which is where the value of time and attendance software really shines. By integrating with your timekeeping and payroll services together, the entire process of payroll is automated for your employees. The timekeeping software keeps track of hours worked every pay period and sends them to your payroll service, which will correctly calculate paychecks, withhold taxes and process payment for the employee. In this scenario, you as the owner, executive or manager can take your hands off the payroll process and focus your time on moving your business forward instead of calculating and processing payroll.


Our company is proud to partner with many timekeeping services, and if you are interested in adding payroll and/or timekeeping to help optimize your business then we’re happy to help. Give us a call today to learn more.



Social Post: Timekeeping services can help the payroll process go much faster and smoother, can reduce errors in calculation and allows you to automate payroll when paired with payroll service. Check out this article to learn more about how time and attendance software can help your business thrive.