In today’s competitive labor market, your company needs to offer as many conveniences and services as your competition in order to attract and retain top talent. Almost any company of size offers direct deposit, and while on the surface it might not seem like a deal breaker, the peace of mind which comes with knowing an employee’s check will be in their account at the right time can be very important to many people.


Our company has worked with many businesses in the Bay Area and across the country to provide an extensive catalog of business administration services. We have a goal of taking on the tasks which can be a drain on your time and resources, allowing you to focus on your company goals. We offer many services, including payroll processing, human resources, background checks, point-of-sale solutions and much more.


Part of our payroll processing service includes the option to provide direct deposit to your team members. If you aren’t already providing direct deposit, it can make your operations and the experience for your employees so much easier. While your employees will love the convenience of direct deposit, there are also real benefits to the business which we will cover in the sections to follow.

Easy Integration

Many employers think adding direct deposit will be a time consuming and tedious ordeal, but we have worked with many companies in the past and have the onboarding process down to a science. We work with you to have your employees complete a form which authorizes us to set up their direct deposit and provides their account information through a secure and encrypted method and then we set everything up on our end. This means you get to provide direct deposit services with minimal interruption to your normal operation.

Increased Security

Rather than issuing paper checks or cash, direct deposit presents a greater sense of security for your company and your employees. No one wants to be involved in a dispute over misplaced funds, or even be subject to a check being lost in the mail. Instances such as these can lead to disgruntled employees, decreased morale or even high turnover. Instead, your employees can receive their payments directly in their bank accounts, and if there ever is an issue, our team of dedicated experts can work to quickly correct it.

Save Time and Money

If you are calculating, printing and mailing checks in your office, you are devoting time and resources to an activity which can be automated through direct deposit. Aside from the money you will save on printing and postage, direct deposit allows you to focus on an area of the business which will increase the bottom line or advance your company goals. Our clients love the freedom direct deposit offers, and in most cases it benefits the employer just as much as the employee.


If you want to learn more about direct deposit or our payroll services in general, we have a team of local experts who would be happy to meet with you to determine your business needs and explain how we can help. Give us a call today to get started.